The Amazing Spider-Man (PC)

Release Date: 08.21.2012
Protection: Steam + CEG
Game Type: Action
Disk (s): 1 DVD
Languages: English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish

The Amazing Spider-Man - shooter studio Beenox, whose plot serves as an epilogue to the events of the same movie. In The Amazing Spider-Man players take on the role of Spider-Man, fighting crime on the streets of New York and struggling with a sudden biological threat. Newly formed part of the famous Spider-Man, created on the basis of the film. Average student Peter Parker is all considered a failure, But one day his delightful surprise irradiated spider bite, followed by a clumsy boy happens fantastic metamorphosis. spider bite modified the body of Peter, giving him superpowers. He began to possess unprecedented force, learned to climb vertical walls, has a sixth sense ("spider-sense"), warning him of the danger, he has a great sense of balance, incredible speed and agility. Metabolic processes Peter accelerated several times. Tissue, skeleton, nervous system and muscles are also improved, which gave him incredible strength and flexibility. In order to fully use all the skills he created a personal style of combat. Peter Parker intellectually gifted man, perfectly versed in physics and chemistry. He applies his knowledge in addition to his skills. In order to trick their opponents, it constructs all possible devices that enhance his strength, the most amazing of which is the starter web, which allows him to produce a web in all directions, it allows you to quickly get to the desired location, or a sudden attack of enemies. player will reincarnated as Peter Parker, a boy who was bitten by a radioactive spider. You will gain superhuman strength, agility and the ability to run on walls. In general, the fate is sealed: Wear bright costume, mask and go to administer street justice. It is known that the game story starts from the moment you finish the film.

The Amazing Spider-Man (PC)

The Amazing Spider-Man (PC)

The Amazing Spider-Man (PC)

The Amazing Spider-Man (PC)

The Amazing Spider-Man (PC)


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