Sleeping Dogs (XBOX360) RUS

REL Date: 17.08.2012 
Platform: XBOX360 
Game Type: Action 
Region: PAL 
Release Type: Full DVD 
Image Format: ISO (XGD3) 
Languages: eng 
FW: iXtreme LT + v3.0 

Modern Hong Kong seems a real gem, surrounded by gentle sea. But the reverse side of it has stayed the same as ten years ago. All-powerful criminal organization known as the "Sun-He-Yi", use any methods to clean up the city to the hands.Businessmen pay tribute, while inconvenient for ever silenced the rumble of gunfire. However, despite the venality and corruption, the police still have people willing to do his duty. This entertaining game is created in the best traditions of HK militants. In the role of Wei Shen, a police undercover, you have to go through a real battle for survival. Use all of the elements of the environment to weapons and firearms. To resort to lethal methods of martial arts. Hone their driving skills in illegal races on the boulevards of the metropolis. However, you will not only prompt action, but stay in the best gaming clubs and eateries of the city. Features:

  • Martial arts, shooting and spectacular tricks to finish off
  • The limitless possibilities of the metropolis
  • Stylish and harsh police story

  • Sleeping Dogs (XBOX360) RUS

    Sleeping Dogs (XBOX360) RUS

    Sleeping Dogs (XBOX360) RUS

    Sleeping Dogs (XBOX360) RUS

    Sleeping Dogs (XBOX360) RUS

    Sleeping Dogs (XBOX360) RUS

    Sleeping Dogs (XBOX360) RUS


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