Of Orcs And Men (XBOX360)

Date: October 2012
Platform: XBOX 360
Region: PAL, NTSC / J (Excludes China)
Size: 1 DVD
Genre: RPG
Languages: English, German, French

Of Orcs And Men - A mighty army of people invaded the orcs and goblins. Battle was fierce, well after surviving in battle goblins winners was caught and cruelly killed, and the orcs captured and enslaved ... In this fantasy stories you will play the role of an orc warrior from the legendary legion of "Bloodsuckers" veteran, hardened in the most terrible battles.Commander instructs you a mission that, if successful, will change the course of the war. You have to kill a single person who is guilty of bloodshed, a man who for years servants' incited hatred of greenskins, incited to destroy them ... To kill the emperor. Of Orcs And Men - In this dangerous practice you will have an assistant. Goblin. He did not like the orcs, but soon it becomes clear that many differences only play on the hand. The two of you go a long way - from the dirty back streets at the foot of the Great Wall to the heart of the Empire people. And only two of us, perhaps, be able to change history and restore the peace. Orcs and Goblins against people. Take a dangerous journey of detailed fantasy universe covered by the fire of war, to perform truly a suicide mission. They are so different, and yet they are together. Each of the characters has two green-based on natural qualities of his race skills, and you'll develop. Orc has uncommon physical strength, the goblin is a gifted force - dark, in addition, he perfectly knows how to operate covertly, making it the perfect assassin. Enemies and allies. You have a lot of fun, both useful and dangerous encounters: you happen to talk to magicians, to cross swords with the assassins and soldiers of the army of the people and even to enter into a confrontation with the powerful Sisters of sorrow.

Of Orcs And Men (XBOX360)

Of Orcs And Men (XBOX360)

Of Orcs And Men (XBOX360)

Of Orcs And Men (XBOX360)

Of Orcs And Men (XBOX360)


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