XCOM: Enemy Unknown (XBOX360)

Title: XCOM Enemy Unknown
Retail Date: 09.10.12
Platform: XBOX360
Genre: Strategy
Release Type: Full DVD
Image Format: ISO (XGD3)
Languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean
FW: iXtreme LT + v3.0 

Game XCOM: Enemy Unknown will bring in a new story, new enemies and new technologies, with which you have to protect the Earth. The fate of humanity will be in your hands. Only effectively researching alien technology by developing its own database, planning and controlling the movement of the operation of each soldier on the battlefield, you can achieve success in this war. Become a part of a secret military organization called X-COM. The game XCOM Enemy Unknown, you and your colleagues - the last obstacle to hostile aliens to conquer the Earth. In the role of commander of the special forces you have to allocate resources to develop the technology to develop a common strategy to combat and identify tactical disposition of each soldier. HSOM original - a real jewel of the world of computer games. And now her ideas, opportunities and tactical depth again come to life, thanks to the efforts of staff Firaxis Games. Features XCOM. Enemy Unknownstrategy XCOM. Enemy Unknown combines tactical turn-based battles and addictive action game. base to recruit, equip and train soldiers and staff. Look for and neutralizes aggressive aliens. Develop and equip its headquarters. Tactics Drive fighters in tactical turn-based battles on the ground and use air support - interceptors and "Rangers". threat will protect the land more than 70 missions that require your attention on the planet. You have to not only fight the strangers, but also deal with the government of different countries. the Game XCOM. Enemy Unknown also includes DLC Elite Soldier Pack, which includes: Classic soldiers. You will receive at their disposal an additional unit, desantika classic, familiar to all fans of the universe XCOM. Super armor. Additional armor sets (Hyperion and Reaper) war paint. Earliest opportunity to paint the armor of his party in any color of the rainbow

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (XBOX360)

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (XBOX360)

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (XBOX360)

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (XBOX360)

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (XBOX360)


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