Dead Space 3 (PS3)

REL Date: 3.2.2013
Platform: PS3
Game Type: Action
Release Type: Full DVD
Language: English
Firmware: CFW 3.55, 4.21, 4.30
DL File Size: 10.13 GB

The last fire and water engineer Isaac Clarke and battle-hardened field soldier John Carver sent on the ice planet Tau Volantis to learn the truth about the origin of Necromorphs. Tau Volantis meets them sternly ship makes hard landing. Wasting no time, Isaac takes raided the neighborhood in search of materials and components needed for the creation and modification of weapons and the means to survive in harsh conditions inhospitable world. Isaac knows that this is where he can once and for all with the Necromorphs, threatening the life of all mankind. origin in search of clues horrible creatures hero will have to live through a lot. Avalanches and risky but inevitable ascent to the icy peaks - just a few of the dangers lying in wait for the traveler on a frozen planet. And the enemies here will be far more dangerous than before ...

  • Shoulder to shoulder. Complete storyline campaign alone or in a team with a partner - in each case its interesting nuances.
  • The time factor. Join a network game and leave it literally "on the fly."
  • Icy hell. Examine hostile planet and try to survive in its extremely harsh conditions.
  • On the trail of the past. Locate underground cities and deserted settlements, keeping many secrets.
  • In the name of life. Discover where are horrible Necromorphs, and save humanity from destruction.

  • Dead Space 3 (PS3)

    Dead Space 3 (PS3)

    Dead Space 3 (PS3)

    Dead Space 3 (PS3)

    Dead Space 3 (PS3)

    Dead Space 3 (PS3)


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