Divinity: Dragon Commander (PC)

REL Date: 8/6/2013
Platform: PC
Game Type: RPG, Action
Protection: Steam
Release Type: Full DVD
Image Format: ISO
Language: English
Size: 10.44 GB

The game is set in the Divinity universe for many years before events of the second part of the famous series - at a time when the Flaming Knights, has an amazing ability to transform into dragons, were numerous and powerful. In the role of one of the knights, the captain magnificent flagship "The Raven", the player becomes the main character of the fantastic stories in which he will perform in different guises - wise ruler and diplomat, cunning military commander, menacing dragon and even the hero-lover. Features Popular universe Divinity brought before the players in an unusual appearance - this time it is based on ideas of Art Nouveau and steampunk. "Raven" - a grand multifunctional building. It serves as a residence for traveling hero, his advisers, scientists, magicians, mechanics, goblins and even beautiful princesses. In addition, the huge airship designed and brought to life the military operation to capture and defense areas. Managing provinces, maintaining diplomatic game, fierce air battles in dragon form, and even romantic adventures - gameplay Dragon Commander is very diverse.

Divinity: Dragon Commander (PC)

Divinity: Dragon Commander (PC)

Divinity: Dragon Commander (PC)

Divinity: Dragon Commander (PC)

Divinity: Dragon Commander (PC)


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