Disney Infinity (PS3)

REL Date: 17.08.2013
Platform: PS3
Game Type: Action, Adventure
Release Type: Full DVD
Language: English
Firmware: CFW 4.xx
DL File Size: 7.75 GB 

Game Requires the base station to Play.
Box Only play mode is available, other mode requires characters purchased.

Disney Company presents its most ambitious project. Disney Infinity - it is the whole game world, where you are waiting for fantasy worlds, and the only limitation will be only your own imagination. Create exciting stories and take part in exciting adventures, characters who become famous characters of Walt Disney Studios and Pixar Animation Studios. To start the game, put figurines of characters, magic tokens and figurines of locations on the portal Disney Infinity. So you open up the gates to the amazing game worlds "Monsters University," "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "The Incredibles." And in each of them you will be able to fulfill the role of your favorite character - cute monster Sally, restless pirate Jack Sparrow or brave superhero Mr. exclusively. Fight your enemies, solve puzzles, overcome obstacles - you will find a lot of exciting stories! During your adventure you will open up access to new characters, equipment, improvements in devices that are designed to store virtual "box with toys." You can always check its content and create their own history in the style of Disney, combining characters, locales and objects from various cartoons. Remember, the only limit to Disney Infinity - your own imagination! Features:

  • Disney Infinity - it's a whole new world, inspired by the unique style of Disney cartoons and populated by your favorite characters from famous cartoons that can co-exist and interact regardless of the platform on which the game is running.
  • Disney is proud of its stories, but for the first time can be a storyteller you are. In Disney Infinity only depends on you, what is your story. In a huge open world, find a place for your own adventure! After all, Disney Infinity - is the freedom to create.
  • Virtual "box of toys" and a vast open world game will allow you to create your own unique story using the characters, places, devices and equipment. Number of possibilities are endless!
  • Play Disney Infinity can and the two together by participating in exciting adventures, and even the four of us - in the "box of toys."
  • Along with the game Disney Infinity will go on sale a lot of collectible figurines and coins with which you can create your own adventure. At present, a complete collection includes 17 interactive figurines of your favorite characters, 3 figures locations that give access to the famous worlds of Disney and Pixar, 20 tokens that change the world and add to it something new. And over time, they will become more and more!

  • Disney Infinity (PS3)

    Disney Infinity (PS3)

    Disney Infinity (PS3)

    Disney Infinity (PS3)

    Disney Infinity (PS3)

    Disney Infinity (PS3)


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