Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (PC)

REL Date: 18.09.2013
Platform: PC
Game Type: Sports
Protection: Securom + Serial
Release Type: Full DVD
Image Format: ISO
Language: Russian, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch
DL File Size: 5.18 GB

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 for the first time in the history of the famous series of football simulation is integrated to improve the game in many ways, and sets new standards in the genre. The game is created on the new engine Fox Engine from Kojima Production, which will automate a number of time-consuming processes of development and has provided unmatched photorealistic image. PES 2014 is based on six principles laid, allowing the player to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a real football. This technology TrueBallTech, systems Motion Animation Stability System (MASS) and PES ID, attention to the emotional part of the game, team tactics and all those little things that create a special football entourage.


TrueBallTech. PES 2014 focuses on the ball - the way he moves, and how it interacts with the player. The player has full control over every movement of virtual athletes - whether it's receiving the ball head, chest, or dumping it in jeopardy. Thanks to the first touch and excellent control of the ball on the really talented players will be able to easily beat the competition.
MASS. MASS Thanks to the struggle for the ball players are in exactly the way it would happen in life. TrueBallTech system coupled with a variety of animations tackles delivers unprecedented realism of the situations that arise on the football field. The provisions of the "one-on-one 'defenders can provide varying levels of pressure, and forwards - perform a variety of feints, passes and shots.
Morale. Football - emotional game, and PES 14 is taken into account! Mishandling of one player can affect the mood of the whole team, but one shining moment - turn the tide of the match.
PES ID. : PES 14 is a lot of virtual doubles of famous football players, just copying all the individual features of the style and behavior of their prototypes. And what's more, the game is played particularly the tradition and style of the whole team!
Team play. : PES 14 can control multiple players simultaneously and use a variety of tactics: to free the space for teammates to use the flanks, perform rushing to beat the enemy's defenses.
Atmosphere. Much attention is paid to detail in the game, creating a unique football atmosphere: it is smooth and naturalistic facial expressions and gestures of athletes, and plausible behavior of fans - from their appearance at the stadium, ending the tumultuous rejoicing over the victory of their favorite team, and including everything that is going on stands during the match.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (PC)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (PC)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (PC)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (PC)

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (PC)


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