NHL 14 (PS3)

REL Date: 07.09.2013
Platform: PS3
Game Type: Sports
Release Type: Full DVD
Language: English
Firmware: CFW 4.40 +
DL File Size: 6.72 GB

Playing NHL 14 will maximize accurately convey aggressiveness, agility and virtuosity NHL hockey games on the current generation consoles using the most advanced development of EA Sports.

Follow the decisive shots with technology NHL Collision Physics, which is a further development of the Player Impact Engine of EA Sports FIFA. Arrange a fierce battle on the ice using a new development Enforcer Engine, borrowed from the famous series of Fight Night.

Enjoy a new level of speed and accuracy of movements, achieved through technology True Performance Skating second generation and compass defenders with the latest tricks of One-Touch Dekes.

In addition to all this, fans of the game will be able to get used to the role of the idols of the NHL in the new version career mode Be a Pro, Consecrated Life at the ice arena and beyond. 

Play as if you went out on real ice! Perform accurate and decisive throws transfer, join the fierce battle with the enemy, you go around defenders with the latest tricks of enjoying the speed and fluidity of movement. Try to time to transform into their hockey heroes - both on the ice arena and beyond. All this is possible in NHL 14!


NHL Collision Physics - technology that allows you to perform spectacular throws and increases the realism of the behavior of the puck. C a new control system that uses the left stick, puck control easier and more convenient.
EA SPORTS Hockey IQ - players running advanced AI much smarter: they are faster and more responsive to the situation on the field and take a more logical decisions. In addition, EA SPORTS Hockey IQ provides the most comprehensive and flexible set of techniques and strategies in the history of the series.
Enforcer Engine - a technology borrowed from the series of simulators Boxing Fight Night, the maximum allowed naturalistic detail and realize the real hockey fight game from start to finish: from the moment when the athletes in the heat of battle dropping gloves, and before they are removed from the field on the penalty bench. For the first time in the history of the series takes into account the difference in the growth and strength of players, use the new mechanics of power devices. In the presence of a number of other features that enhance the realism and emotion of ice battles.
True Performance Skating - the second generation of innovative technology, adding to the NHL series of realistic physical model of slip on the ice skating and more than 1,000 new movements that offers improved dynamic acceleration, rapid starts, quick turns and believable virtual lateral sliding athletes.
One-Touch dekes - a new system that allows you to instantly react to the defense and easily perform the most complex combinations. Performing clever feint with the left stick and a button, even beginners can feel like a superstar hockey!
Live the Life - a new version of the mode Be a Pro Career allows you to plunge into real life athletes NHL. Absolutely all of the action, both on-site and beyond - from communicating with his teammates prior to the interview with the press - affect the development of the sports career. On your decisions and actions depend not only on relations with fellow club management and fans, but also the hockey skills.
EA SPORTS NHL Seasons Online - best-in-class transition between divisions that are available on-Hockey Ultimate Team and EA SPORTS Hockey League. Gaining a victory, you can quickly move to a higher level of division, and vice versa - after a series of defeats your team certainly will drop. The team's success are tracked over several seasons.

NHL 14 (PS3)

NHL 14 (PS3)

NHL 14 (PS3)

NHL 14 (PS3)

NHL 14 (PS3)


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