Game Type: Sports, Football
Region: PAL
Release Type: Full DVD

The time-tested gameplay of FIFA is even better thanks to innovations that encourage creative play in midfield and allowing her to set the pace. Create poignant moments and have neither the incomparable pleasure of scoring goals! FIFA 14 holds EA SPORTS Football Club - the online service, so you always stay connected to the world of the football and, of course, with like-minded people. And of course, the regular season continues the tradition of the famous series of best-fit to the real sport: the game are only licensed clubs, leagues and more than 15,000 athletes.


  • In FIFA 14 improved system of strikes. Now you can change the width of the virtual football pitch, to choose the angle of approach to the ball so as to carry out the most dangerous attack on goal, as well as punching spontaneously and even an awkward position.
  • The most realistic ball physics allows for an even more powerful and technically attacks than before. Knock at long range, albeit at a low ball trajectory, spin it, kick "the collar" in exactly as in real football.
  • "Tat" in the center of the field and set the pace of the game, block defenders, dribbling performing at any speed and in any direction, has an advantageous position before taking the ball to the opponent is not able to select it.
  • In FIFA 14 Virtual Pro to make informed decisions, better watch over the enemy and watching the actions of the attackers. Defenders do not miss the opportunity to support his comrades and return the ball. Forwards received new ways to beat opponents, they are now able to break through even the most powerful line of defense, creating the space for themselves. In addition, they have learned to adjust his pace to the speed of the players other lines.
  • The system of "first touch" now works for dribbling, affecting how different players lead the ball at speed. These aces are treated with the first touch of the ball, the less experienced players make unnecessary movements, and therefore easier to defenders away from them the ball.
  • Due to the increased area of ​​selection has expanded arsenal of techniques that can be used defenders. In addition, they are now rapidly incorporated into the game after a failed attempt to take possession of the ball, to resume the fight.
  • Hone techniques and improve their skills in the training mode alone or competing with friends in the new mini-games.
  • Develop and improve its network of scouts and look for talent! Evaluate the players, getting to know their characteristics, to determine which of them will strengthen your team. With the new coaching center to handle reports of scouts coming in real time, it has become much easier and more convenient.

  • FIFA 14 (XBOX360) RUS

    FIFA 14 (XBOX360) RUS

    FIFA 14 (XBOX360) RUS

    FIFA 14 (XBOX360) RUS

    FIFA 14 (XBOX360) RUS


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