Air Conflicts: Vietnam (PS3)

REL Date: 02.10.2013
Platform: PS3
Game Type: Action
Release Type: Full DVD
Language: Eng, Ger, Fre, Ita, Spa
Firmware: CFW 4.46 +
DL File Size: 3.48 GB

Become a member of one of the most famous conflicts of the past century! The sky over Vietnam engulfed in the flames of war. Young, talented and devoted to duty pilot Joe Thompson sent its first combat mission. At first glance, it seems indisputable superiority of the U.S., but the young man has yet to learn what they are capable fighters Vietnamese army, ready to fight and die for their country. In the new game, created in the best traditions of the popular series of arcade military flight simulation, you have to make a lot of sorties. You will be able to manage the most famous fighters, attack planes and helicopters of the time. Manage any aircraft squadrons. Equip machines weapons of their choice. Perform dozens of unique tasks and assignments of command. And remember - there is no victory without sacrifice. Can you survive?


  • Take a look at the fascinating history of the Vietnam War through the eyes of the pilot of the Air Force United States
  • Manage an impressive collection of military vehicles - more than twenty aircraft and helicopters
  • Fight in the squadron and piloted any of its member fighters
  • Use in aerial combat arms and equipment, carefully reconstructed by the present model
  • Enjoy the realistic world and the fast-paced battles in a variety of modes of self and network play

  • Air Conflicts: Vietnam (PS3)

    Air Conflicts: Vietnam (PS3)

    Air Conflicts: Vietnam (PS3)

    Air Conflicts: Vietnam (PS3)

    Air Conflicts: Vietnam (PS3)

    Air Conflicts: Vietnam (PS3)

    Air Conflicts: Vietnam (PS3)


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