FIFA 14 (Wii)

Date: 09-26-2013
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Sports, Football
Region: PAL
Source: DVD5
Languages: EN ...

Experience the true joy of scoring goals in FIFA 14. The game faithfully reproduces the beauty and power of the football. The famous gameplay got better with innovations that encourage creative play in midfield and allow you to set the pace. Create poignant moments and experience the delight when the ball flies into the opponent's net. The new system "Flawless blow" and the new physics of the ball make every hit is incredibly realistic and give sincere pleasure of goals scored. FIFA 14 holds EA SPORTS Football Club - the online service through which players stay connected with the world of the football - and with each other. FIFA 14 - Football is a social network that allows players to communicate, compete and share their experiences with millions of adherents all over the world.


Flawless strike.
System strokes been changed. Players can now change the width of the pitch and choose the angle of approach to the ball in such a way as to cause the most dangerous shot on goal. Confidently scored goals bring satisfaction and joy. Players can also be applied to an untrained punches and blows to an awkward situation.

Realistic ball physics.
Follow the ever stronger and technically blows. Now the trajectory of the ball in the game correspond to the physics of the real ball flight. Players can knock cannonball from a distance, to surprise the goalkeeper low-flying ball and kick for the "collar" and spun the ball like a real football.

Control of the ball.
Tat in the middle of the field and set the pace of the game. Block-backs and do not let them to the ball, dribbling performing at any speed. Hold the ball with a matching game in center field and ask the rhythm of the match. Replay opponents position before taking the ball to put the defenders in an awkward position for selection.

Intelligence teammates.
Football players take informed decisions, better watch over the enemy and watching jerks forwards. Advocates see the moments when they can support mates or return the ball. Forwards received new ways to beat opponents and break even powerful line of defense, making himself room to maneuver. In addition, they take into account the speed of the other lines and players will adapt their game accordingly.

Speed ​​dribbling.
Use a quick, explosive passages and tracing defenders one to one. Players can drive the ball on the speed in any direction.

Different techniques of dribbling.
The system of "first touch" now works for dribbling, affecting how different players lead the ball at speed. Experienced players handle the ball from the first touch. Less experienced players make unnecessary movements and their dribbling less "rough around the edges", whereby defenders for the ball easier. Becomes an important creative play in midfield.

Second chance for selection.
Zone selection is increased, allowing defenders to use different methods of selecting and quickly turned the game after unsuccessful attempts to once again compete for the ball in any situation.

Twisted passes.
Football players are able to tighten the ball and make accurate, which marks the passing game rivals or partners in a free zone.

Training mode allows you to hone the basic skills needed to succeed in the game FIFA 14. Players of any level will be able to improve the skill and speed, competing with themselves or friends in the new mini-games.

The career mode.
Year-round talent with the look of a new global network, which brings into play the world of professional scouting. Develop and improve its network of scouts. Evaluate the players to learn the characteristics of the players, which will strengthen your team during the transfer. New coaching center facilitates the management and the work with the incoming real-time reports of scouts.

Complete authenticity.
The game has an inherent EA SPORTS authenticity: you are waiting officially licensed clubs, leagues and more than 15,000 players.

FIFA 14 (Wii)

FIFA 14 (Wii)

FIFA 14 (Wii)

FIFA 14 (Wii)

FIFA 14 (Wii)


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