Batman Arkham Origins (XBOX360)

REL Date: 22.10.2013
Platform: XBOX360
Game Type: Action
Release Type: Full 2 ​​DVDs
Image Format: ISO (XGD3)
Languages: English, Russian, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Polish, Korean
FW: iXtreme LT + v3.0

Batman Arkham Origins - the third edition of the famous series Batman: Arkham. You again have to go to a gloomy Gotham. But this time, you can take part in the events anticipated the Batman: Arkham Asylum and «Batman: Arkham City". The game takes place several years before the infamous mutiny. Batman is just starting his career a secret crime-fighter, he is young and inexperienced, and it will only become the Dark Knight, we know ...

Features Batman Arkham Origins:

  • Subject campaign «Batman: Arkham Chronicle" tells an entirely new story authored by writers Michael "Dooma" Vendshu and Corey May, behind which the joint work on games such as Prince Persia: Warrior Within, Assassin's Creed, Army of Two.Consultant is creative director of DC Comics Geoff Johns. You are going to witness the early years of Batman as a fighter against crime and first encounter with those who in the future will be the sworn enemies of the Dark Knight.
  • The new system Crime Scene facilitates the process of gathering information. With the help of cutting-edge gadgets Batman can re-create the virtual version of what happened at the crime scene and discover clues, invisible to the naked eye.
  • You will Gotham. In the new and familiar places await a variety of opponents, which will have to overcome, crimes that require investigation and puzzles that need to be unraveled.
  • Hunt the criminals that are relevant to the main plot, but not integral to it. Contact with them or not - depends on you.
  • On the streets of Gotham City are new enemies await you - thugs in armor, possessing incredible strength and extremely agile opponents keep track of which is not so easy. To come out the winner of each bout will have to master the combat system FreeFlow.
  • Batman's arsenal will add new gadgets - such as remote-controlled Bet-claw. Save and familiar from past games series devices.
  • On the dark streets of Gotham Batman will face a lot of well-known characters, including Black Mask, Deftrouk, Bane, Joker, Anarchy, Captain Gordon and others.

  • Batman Arkham Origins (XBOX360)

    Batman Arkham Origins (XBOX360)

    Batman Arkham Origins (XBOX360)

    Batman Arkham Origins (XBOX360)

    Batman Arkham Origins (XBOX360)

    Batman Arkham Origins (XBOX360)


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