F1 2013 (XBOX360)

REL Date: 01.10.2013
Platform: XBOX360
Publisher: Codemasters
Game Type: Racing
Release Type: Full DVD
Image Format: ISO (XGD3)
Language: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish
FW: iXtreme LT + v3.0
DL File Size: 7.67 GB

Continuation of a series of world-famous Formula 1 racing simulators. F1 2013 offers fans the attention of a virtual championship series of interesting innovations, a lot of improvements and - for the first time in the history of the series - the classic motorsport.

The game features all the cars, drivers and tracks of the real racing season in 2013, in particular the famous British athlete Lewis Hamilton and his "Mercedes" and, for the first time, a young Mexican driver Sergio Perez, who plays for Team McLaren Mercedes. To recreate the authentic atmosphere of the legendary championship competition rules introduced appropriate changes, refined management of a virtual race car.

A number of new features and improvements, competition on split screen multiplayer and network, all kinds of game modes - both new and long won popularity - all this makes the F1 2013 release of the most meaningful virtual "Formula 1".


In F1 2013 has a mode for beginners - Young Driver Test, which is based on real sporting events. Education is carried out on the track Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi. On the first day of novice pilots learn the basics of driving cars and viewing specific video, the second - are being tested with increasing difficulty, allowing hone your skills and boost their ratings.

For maximum comfort in the game F1 2013 provides the ability to save directly during the race meeting. This allows you to take a break in the competition, which takes 180 minutes and the extra time needed for the completion of the race weekend.

Continuing to improve its famous EGO engine and at the same time using the experience of the creators of the popular racing series DiRT and GRID, Codemasters team raises both technical and graphical quality of the game. F1 2013 looks incredibly impressive and realistic, and advanced artificial intelligence, provides natural behavior of virtual pilots on different routes in different circumstances.

In 2013 returned to F1 Grand Prix mode (Grand Prix Mode), so that players can try again in the role of well-known racers and join the fight for the glory of the world's best pilot in a single race, in whole or in specially configured "user" season "Formula -1 ".

In full force earns a network service RaceNet (in beta version introduced in F1 in 2012, there have been more than 36 million races!) - Thanks to him, players will be able to organize competitions of different scales to monitor the statistics, receive updates and always be aware of the events taking place F1 in 2013. Access to RaceNet opened as a computer and home consoles, and on mobile devices.

Finally, in F1 in 2013 represented the classic mode, all the races which says a prominent journalist and host of "Formula-1" Murray Walker. On two historic routes everyone can compete in the skill of driving with famous drivers and teams of the 1980s.Classic mode supports all kinds of competitions, including the user and the championship race at the time. Can compete with the competitors an AI with other split screen, and in a multiplayer network.

"Formula 1" 1980 is: legendary racers, including Nigel Mansell, Mario Andretti, Emerson Fittipaldi, Gerard Berger, five famous cars from Ferrari, Williams and Lotus; Jerez circuit where the wires Spanish Grand Prix, the famous trail Brands Hatch, where multiple passes through the British Grand Prix.

F1 2013 (XBOX360)

F1 2013 (XBOX360)

F1 2013 (XBOX360)

F1 2013 (XBOX360)

F1 2013 (XBOX360)

F1 2013 (XBOX360)

F1 2013 (XBOX360)

F1 2013 (XBOX360)


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