Just Dance 2014 (XBOX360)

REL Date: 28.09.2013
Platform: XBOX360
Publisher: Ubisoft
Game Type: Dance
Origin: PAL & NTSC / J
Release Type: Full DVD
Image Format: ISO (XGD3)
Language: English
FW: iXtreme LT + v3.0
DL File Size: 7.93 GB

Just Dance 2014 continues a series of dance game Just Dance, in which you repeat the motion shown on the screen, the fiery hits of past and present. The game has received more dance moves and music content, and expanded with new modes for multiplayer parties.

In Just Dance 2014 can simultaneously play up to 6 people. The game remained a standard classic mode, where players are free to dance to your favorite music, and a variety of modes for confrontation. Novelty Just Dance 2014 is the mode of On-Stage, in which one player takes the role of principal dancer, and the other two are backup dancers. Another new game mode allows you to dance against virtual versiyvashego other to a distance to find out who is the best lights.

Sing along! In Just Dance 2014 includes modes Karaoke.Ispolnyaya favorite hits, players receive rewards for the right to enter notes while singing wrong for no penalty is not provided.
The main innovation in the Just Dance 2014 is the new massive multiplayer game mode called «World Dance Floor». In this mode, multiple players can compete against each other online. Players around the world are dancing the same statement under the composition of a specific playlist, making the table ranking, fighting for the top places and sharing the best video clips of their own dances. Short films can be distributed immediately through social networks, Facebook, Twitter, and Just Dance Network Auto Dance.
Lights under the most popular hits of today. Music set of Just Dance hits from 2014 filled with such iconic artists such as Robbie Williams, Psy, Gloria Gaynor, One Direction, Nicki Minaj, David Guetta, Flo Rida and many more.

Just Dance 2014 (XBOX360)

Just Dance 2014 (XBOX360)

Just Dance 2014 (XBOX360)

Just Dance 2014 (XBOX360)

Just Dance 2014 (XBOX360)


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