Welcome to the District Redvers! It turns uncompromising confrontation between the desperate street racing and severe guardians of the law. At the disposal of both - the best machines and the latest technology. Both are ready to go to any lengths to get around opponents. Join the fight! Take a chance and do not trust anyone!

Features of the game Need For Speed: Rivals:

  • Racers powerful tuned cars - lone wolves, ready to do anything for fame. The police also work together and use all available means to drive reckless in the corner. Change the way when you want! And do not forget to raise the stakes with a new scoring system, using the accumulated Speed ​​Points, to get even more valuable rewards.
  • New All-Drive system blurs the line between single and multiplayer game. No expectations in the lobby! You can immediately enter into a world where the line is race your friends. And every moment of this crazy race is unique!
  • Your car - your personality. Bring the power of the iron horse to the limit, using new parts and technologies. Give your car a unique look - you have an array of stylish colors, emblems, license plates, wheels and stickers. Keep the coolest configuration and choose the appropriate option when you want.
  • Chase became even more exciting as both fugitives and the pursuers may use different types and modifications. Street racers will help all possible means of avoiding the chase - from devices to create interference to electromagnetic pulse generator.At the armed police, too many useful devices and methods to detain offenders - in particular, acoustic guns, roadblocks and helicopters. Whichever side you choose, the use of advanced technology to beat rivals!

  • Need For Speed: Rivals (XBOX360)

    Need For Speed: Rivals (XBOX360)

    Need For Speed: Rivals (XBOX360)

    Need For Speed: Rivals (XBOX360)

    Need For Speed: Rivals (XBOX360)

    Need For Speed: Rivals (XBOX360)

    Need For Speed: Rivals (XBOX360)


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