Young Justice: Legacy (XBOX360)

REL Date: 19.11.2013
Platform: XBOX360
Game Type: Action
Region: PAL, NTSC / U
Release Type: Full DVD
Image Format: ISO
Languages: English
DL File Size: 7.14 GB

Game «Young Justice: Legacy» history of the universe expands the popular animated series on the channel Cartoon Network. In this exciting role-playing action game, players will take a leadership team from the 12 young superheroes and enter the battle with 12 dangerous supervillains. Explore, fight, to increase knowledge and improve, going to the story missions or completing quests in multiplayer. During a thrilling adventure, you will discover the many attractions of the world Earth-16 from DC Comics and get answers to important questions concerning the events of the animated series.


  • Select one of the 12 characters and fight dozens of supervillains.
  • Story events occur in the interval between the first and second seasons of the animated series.
  • You will find 15 fun activities in different parts of the world Earth-16.
  • Fight side by side with the famous heroes of the DC - Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and many others.
  • Play together or compete in multiplayer modes for one console or network.

  • Young Justice: Legacy (XBOX360)

    Young Justice: Legacy (XBOX360)

    Young Justice: Legacy (XBOX360)

    Young Justice: Legacy (XBOX360)

    Young Justice: Legacy (XBOX360)

    Young Justice: Legacy (XBOX360)

    Young Justice: Legacy (XBOX360)


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