Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (XBOX360)

REL Date: 21.01.2014
Platform: XBOX360
Game Type: Action, Fighting
Region: PAL, NTSC / J (Excludes China)
Release Type: Full DVD
Image Format: ISO
Languages: English, German, Japanese
DL File Size: 5.98 GB

Dragon Ball Z has always been a historic battles Goku and his friends with the most powerful enemies. And now they're back in business! Left behind game series Budokai, Tenkaichi and Raging Blast ... But it's time a new story and the key to victory will be cooperation. The more enemies you have, the more friends you will need to call for help and more interesting to fight in different game modes!

Features: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z
In battles against challenging opponents, such as the giant ape Vegeta or Vries helps Goku new force - Mode Super Saiyan GOD.
Explore the vast open levels at which there expanses where to turn your matches.
Master the revolutionary combat system.
Unite with three friends in co-op mode on the network.
Gather up to eight players and play together online.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (XBOX360)

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (XBOX360)

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (XBOX360)

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (XBOX360)

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z (XBOX360)


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