Dark Souls II (PS3)

REL Date: 08.03.2014
Platform: PS3
Game Type: RPG
Language: English
Firmware: CFW 4.xx
DL File Size: 6.88 GB

Continuation of the famous role-playing action again force players to go through the most difficult test. Dark Souls II will offer a new hero, a new history and a new world. Only one thing consistently - to survive in a bleak universe Dark Souls is very difficult. Countless encounters with intimidating opponents and epic battle with frightful bosses - the vast Dark Souls II reign despair and death, but only uncompromising heroes waiting for never-ending struggle for survival. No cost Dark Souls II and without a business card series - network mode. Updated multiplayer mechanics displays indirect interaction of players to the next level, where the most persistent and strong spirit awaits a worthy reward.

Features Dark Souls II:

  • Prepare for death ... again - go on a journey through the vast world created with the latest technology: graphics, sound and special effects in Dark Souls II good as ever.
  • You will meet with a variety of enemies and danger bosses, which could give rise to only a fantasy experts From Software.
  • The increased range of equipment and advanced features let you easily pick up weapons and armor to any style of play.
  • On the road waiting for a lot of tests, including psychological, because the game will be ably affect human feelings and fears - auditory hallucinations, dizziness, vertigo and more.
  • Updated online functions have enhanced interoperability players and make cooperative and competitive aspects of gameplay more varied.
  • In Dark Souls II awaits smooth animation based on motion capture, enhanced combat system, a significantly increased range of characters, new weapons and armor, balanced mechanics of character development.

  • Dark Souls II (PS3)

    Dark Souls II (PS3)

    Dark Souls II (PS3)

    Dark Souls II (PS3)

    Dark Souls II (PS3)

    Dark Souls II (PS3)

    Dark Souls II (PS3)


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