2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (XBOX360)

Release Date: 15.04.2014
Platform: XBOX360
Game Type: Sports
Release Type: Full DVD
Image Format: ISO (XGD3)
Languages: English, German, Italian
DL File Size: 8.07 GB

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil - Take part in the World Cup, along with any of the 203 national teams! Offers two dozen arenas, including twelve in detail recreated stadiums Brazil.

Dive into the unique - gambling and dramatic - great football atmosphere. Active support of the fans, national flags and bright streamers on spectator stands, as well as live inclusion of cities around the world will allow you to fully enjoy the support of the country for which you are acting. Score a goal while playing for England, and you will see the cheering fans in Trafalgar Square!

Choose your path to glory! In 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil represented the largest selection regimes in the history of games from EA Sports.

  • Road to the FIFA World Cup : the biggest tournament mode in the game from EA Sports. Choose a national team, go to the local qualifying competitions with up to 32 players and advanced to the group stage of the World Cup (2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil). Follow the progress of the tournament you can, get news from EA Sports Talk Radio.
  • Captain Your Country : one of the most popular modes of FIFA all times. Start from the bottom and work hard to help the team go through the qualifying tournament and get to the World Cup. If you are just starting out with a series of familiarity FIFA, the game in this mode will help you learn the new system avtopozitsionirovaniya.
  • Road to Rio de Janeiro (multiplayer) : competitions of national teams, gradually extending to 12 cities in Brazil. After each stage you can go higher, stay in or leave the tournament. The final match will be held in Rio de Janeiro, at the stadium "Maracana". Win it and get a world cup FIFA!
  • Online FIFA World Cup : participate in games of the group stage, and then in the finals of the World Cup. Win a seven network games in a row to get the trophy champion FIFA (FIFA World Cup).
  • Story of Qualifying - more than 60 real-life scenarios qualifying round at the World Cup 2014 (2014 FIFA World Cup).
  • Story of Finals (multiplayer) : In this mode, the final stage is available at the beginning of the World Cup and updated in the course of the competition. Waiting for you to test, based on the events of each day of the championship.
  • Additional Features : 2014 FIFA World Cup, Kick Off, Skill Games, Online Friendlies (Friendlies Online), EA Sports Football Club.

  • Features
  • The new control system provides improved dribbling and impeccably accurate pass. Maneuver quickly, holding the ball, tracing rivals at low speed, use the new feints and let teammates accurate, interesting and timely passes.
  • Change the direction and rate of movement with the ball and without it to take an advantageous position.
  • With new tactics available and corner kicks will be more dangerous than before. Interact with your teammates, using cross indicating what position on the field, they should take.
  • In collaboration with the company adidas developers have realized a realistic physical model of behavior Brazuca balls and other models in flight and when driving on the grass.
  • New animations goalkeeper and a new system of strikes at penalty passions do on the field even stronger. Distract puncturing penalty applying goalie animation tricks "trembling knees," "Matador" and "hit here."
  • Ability to jump out from behind the opponent, capable of applying unexpected blows to the head ball. For example, advocates can use this method to clear the ball from the striker receiving the ball and thereby eliminate the dangerous situation at the gate.
  • Better gaming performance players through training adidas micoach. Choose any of the six parameters of the improvements and use 18 training exercises to improve skills in the team during the tournament.
  • When playing in single-player mode game broadcasts in English are known commentators Andy Goldstein, Ian Darke, Michael Davies and Roger Bennett.
  • The game features 203 approved FIFA team players 7469, 19 officially licensed managers and 21 new stadium.

  • 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (XBOX360)

    2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (XBOX360)

    2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (XBOX360)

    2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (XBOX360)

    2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (XBOX360)


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