Watch Dogs (XBOX360)

Release Date: 22.05.2014
Platform: XBOX360
Game Type: Action
Release Type: Full DVD
Image Format: ISO (XGD3)

DL File Size: dvd 2

It all began in Chicago, where the central computer network connected all and sundry. Watch Dogs - a reflection of the introduction of technology in our society. Using the city as his weapon, you begin to fulfill the main goal - the establishment of justice with its own identity.

Comprehensive network of Chicago called Central Operating System (ctOS), and controls virtually all technological base and information center - including critical data about its inhabitants.

You play as Aiden Pierce, a genius hacker and the real criminal, whose criminal past has led to a brutal family tragedy. In search of justice, you can control and break all that surrounds you, easily manipulating ctOS.

You'll get access to cameras watching over all, load personal data, to achieve its goal, will control traffic lights and public transport to stop the enemy ... and that's not all.

Features Watch Dogs:

  • City - your weapon. Action Watch Dogs occurs in the natural atmosphere of the living city. With the smartphone Aiden, you get control over this city in real time. Block the enemy in a cluster of dozens of vehicles, deftly switching the lights. Stop the train and sit in it, hiding from the police. Walk away from the chase, raising the drawbridge. Everything is connected to ctOS, can become your weapon.
  • Street justice. lived in poor neighborhoods of the city of Chicago, where savagery begets violence, Aiden learned street fight. Knock opponent with a baton or arrange vigorous firefight (according to the laws of physics!), Which will give odds to any shooter. In his long adventures Aiden be able to use more than thirty weapons.
  • Chase the highest grade. Fortunately, Aiden does not always have to cross on foot Chicago. Ubisoft Montreal cooperates with famous studios, one of which - Ubisoft Reflections, the creation of a well-known excellent series Driver, in order to fill the city car is not suffering from a lack of horsepower. Get behind the wheel of over 65 vehicles with great physics and the actual handling, enjoy expanses of Chicago and winding road.
  • Everything is under control. newest engine, which is built on the game Watch Dogs, provides unforgettable graphics, stunning visuals and immerses players virtually into the real world.
  • Dynamic navigation. Watch Dogs will make you not only to take advantage ctOS, but also self-study multilevel city. Enter the building, climb onto the roof and explore dangerous dungeons city to achieve its goal.

  • Watch Dogs (XBOX360)

    Watch Dogs (XBOX360)

    Watch Dogs (XBOX360)

    Watch Dogs (XBOX360)

    Watch Dogs (XBOX360)

    Watch Dogs (XBOX360)

    Watch Dogs (XBOX360)


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