Sniper Elite III (XBOX360)

Release Date: 24.06.2014
Platform: XBOX360
Game Type: Action, Shooter
Release Type: Full DVD
Image Format: ISO (XGD3)
Languages: English, German ...
DL File Size: 7.38 GB

In Sniper Elite 3 the emphasis is on giving the player freedom of choice. The game shows a large and diverse world, allows you to use different tactics and play styles. The action takes place in an exotic and deadly North Africa during World War II.Special Agent USS Carl Fairbairn penetrate behind enemy lines to using your skills of an experienced sniper to help the Allies fight the formidable German tanks "Tiger" in the Western Desert.
But the main concern Karl - not the famous Afrika Korps. Soon he learns about the plans to build the Germans «wunderwaffe» - wonder weapon capable to crush everything in its path and turn the entire course of the war.


  • Watch. Plan. Kill. Change yourself. Variety of environmental conditions allow the player to choose how he will undergo a particular mission. Multiple nonlinear routes extending both in horizontal and in vertical plane, allow to eliminate the enemy in various ways.
  • Change of position. Sniper should always think about ways to retreat. Explore the world to find or create yourself conditions suitable to your style of play. There is a sniper position, place for an ambush, alternative approaches, sound masking and various traps. Prioritize when selecting targets to gain an advantage, hide in the shadows and in the dark so you do not notice the soldiers enter and enemies into confusion, changing position.
  • The world around us. Battlefields in North Africa during World War II are quite diverse and very different from the European, allowing the fire of a sniper weapon with a much greater distance. Play of mountain ranges and vast plateaus, lively cities and small remote settlements.
  • Improved AI. Proper use information about your location and route planning attacks - rebuilt AI system, with an emphasis on action and team tactics, makes fighters Africa Corps considerably smarter and more dangerous, but at the same time allowing the player to make more informed choices. With the support of various motor vehicles - from SUVs to tanks - Afrika Korps is a force with which you will have to reckon with.
  • Customize your character and weapons. Earn experience and get the title in both single and multiplayer game to unlock more than 40 unique parts and assemble the perfect rifle that is best suited for each mission and your playing style.Create individual sets of equipment and save them for single and multiplayer games.
  • Improved bullet camera. now shows more detail, including the circulatory system, and muscle.
  • New bullet camera for cars. Now the camera is turned on and when firing at vehicles such as armored personnel carriers or tank. Multistage destruction technology allows you to create the preconditions for the final shot. Shoot through peepholes, and watch as the crew members killed in the car!
  • Multiplayer game. SE3 builds on the experience of multiplayer modes of the previous games of the series and is designed as a competition, and the joint actions of players. In Game 5 of the competitive modes for playing in a team, and for lone wolves, including "King of distances" and "no contact" with a selection of cards before the game. Extensive outdoor play space gives you more freedom of movement and allow an experienced sniper fire from long distances. Earn medals and chevrons to become the perfect sniper.
  • Co-op. return like you modes allow those who prefer joint play, choose a mission to "Two" or the new regime "Survival". In the "Two" one of the players playing for the sniper and the other - for the spotter. In order to successfully pass the mission, they must work closely together. Mode "Survival" - a test of strength - feel the full power of the German Afrika Korps.
  • Shelter. Agility and ability to move quickly allow sniper instantly navigate in the world and always one step ahead of their prey.
  • Superior fight. player endowed with improved feedback, and can choose his tactics as far and melee. Superior melee in conditions of secrecy allows unnoticed incapacitate enemies in several different ways.

  • Sniper Elite III (XBOX360)

    Sniper Elite III (XBOX360)

    Sniper Elite III (XBOX360)

    Sniper Elite III (XBOX360)

    Sniper Elite III (XBOX360)

    Sniper Elite III (XBOX360)

    Sniper Elite III (XBOX360)


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