Final Fantasy XIII (PC)

REL Date: 09.10.2014
Platform: PC
Game Type: RPG
Protection: Steam
Language: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
Image Format: ISO
DL File Size: 55.67 GB

Final Fantasy XIII - grand continuation of the saga of recent times, is now on the PC! high resolution, up to 60FPS. The game knows no equal in the epic narrative and beauty. Fascinating story and combat system, which combines action and strategy, nothing like you have not ever met in the previous series of the game.

Welcome to the world of utopia - Cocoon, which floats in the heavens and impresses with its original and colorful places. Faith is only one - the world paradise in heaven. The Board brings prosperity and keeps occupants peace of all mankind. It would seem that their bliss without end. But only one fal-B is capable of destroying all the dreams of a perfect life. On the day when the deserts Pulse awakened evil, harmony and tranquility left the world of Cocoon. Curse Mighty fal-B turns people into accomplices of black magic. Can you come to the defense of this heavenly corner of happiness and save his people? It all depends on you and your actions.

Features Final Fantasy XIII:

  • The story continues. Massive saga returns and is able to outshine all the latest gaming hits of recent times;
  • The beauty of the game world. modern technology used in the development of the game give the player the opportunity to experience the unparalleled beauty of the game world;
  • Unpredictable plot. Your every decision in the game will affect the subsequent story, take seriously to each subsequent action, carefully weighed all your options.

Final Fantasy XIII (PC)

Final Fantasy XIII (PC)

Final Fantasy XIII (PC)

Final Fantasy XIII (PC)

Final Fantasy XIII (PC)

Final Fantasy XIII (PC)


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