F1 2014 (XBOX360)

Release Date: 11.10.2014
Platform: XBOX360
Game Type: Racing
Image Format: ISO (XGD3)
Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
FW: iXtreme LT + v3.0
DL File Size: 7.83 GB

Feel the power of the new F1 car in 2014 with turbo in the most accessible to date computer game dedicated to F1. In the game F1 2014 you expect all the drivers, cars and tracks from the World Championship in the class of F1 2014, including new tracks in Russia and Austria, and the return of the German Hockenheimring F1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix - a new tournament, which appeared in 2014. The new evaluation system drivers, adjust the game to your level, revised management, lightweight career opportunities, as well as a new level of difficulty is very easy open the world of F1, even for absolute beginners.

Features F1 2014:

  • New trails - compete at the Spilberk in Austria, Sochi Speedway in Russia, as well as on the German Hockenheimring and other routes. Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix - a new night tournament, which appeared in this year.
  • All the cars, all the stars - the game includes all of the latest drivers and cars 2014 season.
  • A variety of opportunities for online play - show yourself in a race with a friend on the same screen or online with 16 other riders and 6 computer players.
  • Evaluation system drivers - the new system, which came to replace the in-game Young Driver Test, adjusts the game to the level of the driver.
  • Racenet -has put his victories and participate in competitions in the Racenet, free online center.
  • Meet the ERS - the new kinetic energy recovery system, which came to replace KERS. Thanks ERS racers get control of the vehicle and overtaking opportunities - feel like it has changed the race.
  • Advanced mode scenarios - Complete a variety of scenarios based on real-life situations, and get special rewards.
  • Revised management - improved physics, combined with the revised control, will give players using gamepads, the most authentic feeling of control fireballs.
  • Supercharged Formula 1 - experience the pristine power of the new engines with turbochargers F1.
  • Advanced career mode - participate in the full season of F1 or select one of the truncated variants.

F1 2014 (XBOX360)

F1 2014 (XBOX360)

F1 2014 (XBOX360)

F1 2014 (XBOX360)

F1 2014 (XBOX360)

F1 2014 (XBOX360)


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