The Evil Within - a new project from the creator of the legendary Resident Evil series Shinji Mikami and talented team of developers Tango Gameworks, The Evil Within - a true embodiment of the genre of Survival Horror. The world will turn upside down, pulling you into a treacherous tangle of intrigue and the cycle of nightmares. If you can break the vicious circle? The latest technology of lighting and animation, available through the engine id Tech 5, realistic creatures surround you and make you sick fantasies to experience a truly animal fear.

Investigating the bloody murder, Detective Sebastian Castellanos and his companions encounter a mysterious and powerful force. Summoned to the scene of the crime cop outfit is brutally interrupted and Sebastian himself ambushed and wakes up in a monstrous, crazy world where incredibly ugly creation wander among the dead.
Problem Sebastian - not disappear without a trace in the world revived fear and find out what the dark force was behind the incident. 

Features The Evil Within: 

  • Back to basics of the genre. Shinji Mikami - the founder of the genre Survival Horror. He created the story is fascinating and frightening at the same time. Anxiety and fear are continuously growing by as you explore the game world through distorted. Hero to fight for his life, using the limited arsenal of options. Burning a mixture of thriller and horror will make you experience the horror of the highest standard.
  • Insidious traps and monstrous foes. Unbelievable horrors cruel traps and devilish mechanisms - all of which stand in the way of the hero to the rescue. But evil can and should be drawn against him - crowds of deadly enemies themselves shall fall infernal inventions inflamed consciousness.
  • Unknown danger, unseen world. shaky game world is constantly changing and distorted, creating all new horrors. Walls, corridors, doors, and even entire buildings can suddenly transform, knocking hero confused and further enticing to a world where anything can not be sure.
  • Revival of the genre. artfully crafted landscape, the constant feeling of fear and intricate storyline - all this creates a unique game world, which from the beginning to the end keeps you at the peak voltage. Can you overcome the most important enemy: the inhuman horror, devouring you from the inside?

    The Evil Within (PC)

    The Evil Within (PC)

    The Evil Within (PC)

    The Evil Within (PC)

    The Evil Within (PC)

    The Evil Within (PC)


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