In this cruel world, where a man is fighting with nature, who will you be? Hunter or a victim? Company Turtle Rock Studios, which created Left 4 Dead, is a new game Evolve, multiplayer shooter new generation. The plot is dedicated to Evolve cooperative hunting monsters. The game will feature several modes, the main of which will be "1 to 4". Four characters (attack aircraft, hunter, hunter and soldier support) will have to catch and destroy the Alien. Or vice versa - the monster will have to try to deal with hunters and reach a settlement of earthlings.

Features :

  • Rely on friends, four of us going into battle with the monster, or alone hunt down people in the guise of continually gaining strength of the mighty beast. Whichever side you choose, you will always have a dangerous weapon and special skills to ensure a fun and delicately balanced gameplay.
  • Choose a hunter like. Whether you prefer to indulge in traps or openly rush into battle, to support comrades in battle, or to heal their wounds - for you necessarily will be the case, because teamwork - the key to success and survival in a fight with the monster.
  • Becoming a monster hunters obrushte all the power and fury of a ferocious beast. Use of deadly skills, animal instincts and intuition to wreak havoc and kill. Prove that it is you - the dominant species.
  • On a hostile planet wary of both flora and fauna. Remember that you can fall victim to a natural disaster, but also able to turn it to their advantage.
  • Earn levels to gain access to new improvements, appearance and abilities favorite hero - hunter or a monster. Go up to the top of the rankings and become the most dangerous predator!

  • Evolve (PC)

    Evolve (PC)

    Evolve (PC)

    Evolve (PC)

    Evolve (PC)

    Evolve (PC)

    Evolve (PC)


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