WWE 2K15 (PC)

REL Date: 28.04.2015
Platform: PC
Game Type: Fighting, Wrestling
Protection: Steam
Release Type: Full DVD
Language: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian
Image Format: ISO
DL File Size: 19.20 GB

WWE 2K15 - a fighting game where players choose one of the submitted fighters taking part in the battles in the arena. To defeat the enemy soldiers using different techniques of martial arts, grappling, and handy tools (tables, chairs, etc.).

The season mode has been added so-called element of "The relationship between The Wrestler", depending on the outcome of the fight between the fighters formed a relationship that later translate into brutal clashes, spontaneous fights or become the backstage showdown of two wrestlers.

The game will be a full-fledged multiplayer, with a system of ratings and their social network. Another change will undergo option "Making his wrestler," will be able to complete his wrestling appearance settings: Select a color shorts and knee pads, boots and gloves, and of course the appearance of a wrestler.

The graphics will be raised to a new level, wrestlers will look realistic, but when. Features include facial animation wrestlers - now you can fully see the emotions of their wards. The reaction of the fans in the game became much more emotionally sound and the hum of the public provide an unforgettable living presence, as if you are at the stadium WWE. The developers promise to make an unforgettable match outside the ring (behind the scenes) WWE.

Features WWE 2K15 :

  • The graphics in the game will have a CGI-quality.
  • Blood bruises and sweat will be drawn much better than ever before.
  • WWE Network is steeped in the game.
  • Mode "Season" will be included in the game. Moreover occurring in this mode will change depending on what will occur in the WWE.

  • WWE 2K15 (PC)

    WWE 2K15 (PC)

    WWE 2K15 (PC)

    WWE 2K15 (PC)

    WWE 2K15 (PC)


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