Simulator "royal races» F1 2015 by the British company Codemasters. Thanks to the signed agreement with the organization of FIA in F1 2015 will licensed race cars, tracks and drivers of the current racing season, which started March 15, 2015. The new release is based on the third version of the graphics engine EGO, previously used in the last part of the series. Together with him F1 2015 receives improved physical and visual effects tire. The developers have promised that the management of the fireballs in the game will be as realistic as possible.

The game will feature all the riders the most prestigious competition in circuit racing, off the defending champion Lewis Hamilton to a Russian Daniil Kvyat, the pro-Red Bull. Together with the pilots of the game will include a licensed race cars and the Grand Prix schedule.

Sami racing cars will improve by more than 20 areas, including the engine, transmission and aerodynamics. Among other innovations of the game - show races now resembles the real broadcast races "Formula 1" on television. In addition, the 2015 F1 implement voice control function using the controller Kinect and PlayStation Camera.

In addition to the familiar from previous episodes of the series modes in F1 2015 will be the first Pro Season, designed for experienced riders. It will go through the season without the use of indicators that do not exist in the real cockpit of the car and without the help of driving.

F1 2015 (PC)

F1 2015 (PC)

F1 2015 (PC)

F1 2015 (PC)

F1 2015 (PC)

F1 2015 (PC)

F1 2015 (PC)


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