Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 (PC) MULTi16

REL Date: 18.09.2015
Platform: PC
Game Type: Sports
Protection: Steam
Release Type: Full DVD
Image Format: ISO
Language: English, Arabic
DL File Size: 8.0 GB

Starting with the very first release for the console PS One, PES series has evolved continuously with each new release more and more closer to this football team. This rich heritage refers slogan newest game series - PES 2016: "Appreciate the past, to play in the future." He stressed the appeal to the basic values ​​of PES and at the same time, focuses on a set of new elements in gameplay and graphics that make the series intends to continue to show the highest class in the world of realistic football simulation.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is aimed at retaining the title "Best sports simulator" (assigned to the series in 2014 on the results of voting on many game shows, as well as in major professional journals), and still remains true to its course at promoting the "game of millions." PES series announces its strategy for a return to the roots - a fascinating competition between the players - and is proud to introduce a new game designed to embody the slogan KONAMI: «The home side."

PES 2016 takes full advantage of the huge opportunities of advanced technologies Fox Engine, which helped to achieve incredible graphics quality, and ensure the most authentic gameplay. In addition, the completely redesigned concept mode "Master League" and improved virtually every aspect of the game. PES again receives the exclusive right to represent the club competition the UEFA Champions League. This cooperation agreement for a period of 3 years will allow the company to introduce the game KONAMI both UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. Each competition will be presented as a separate game mode, or the entire season (including the qualifying games) and the UEFA Super Cup will be included in the "Master League".

Features Pro Evolution Soccer 2016:
• Advanced system clashes - PES 2016 introduces a number of improvements in the collision, which now calculates the interaction of players with regard to the type of collision.
• Fight for the ball in the air - thanks to a new system of physical struggle for the ball in the air has become quite unique. Use the left stick to block the air of a larger and stronger players, or find a more comfortable place to take the ball head or a shot in the summer.
• Management "1 1" - in PES 2016 improved control during output alone that allows you to perform a wide variety of movements and actions. Further reduce the response time, and now the players have even more options for choosing maneuver in dangerous situations. • Also finalized feints that allow suddenly change direction, to bring down the defenders confused and pull them out of balance. The outcome in game situations "1 1" is now completely unpredictable and depends on your skill. Players have plenty of opportunities - precise movements, evasions and instant jerks away from the defender. Using the right technology and the right moment to coincide, it is possible to deduce the defense off balance and create good scoring chances.
• Perfect protection - timely execution tackle the well-calculated trajectory allows the player to take possession of the ball. After that successful counter-attack - a trick.
• AI teammates - thanks to a modified "command" concept becomes an opportunity to play in the bundle. You no longer have to keep a few players to manually switch between them - teammates themselves will go to the position vacated space to receive a pass.
• Parameters goalkeeper - seeking to improve the quality of the game and give the goalkeeper individuality, we have added to their characteristics the new parameters, "catch of the ball", "goal kick", "jump" and "fighting off". During the game you have to take into account the ability of their goalkeeper, relying on its strong points and try to protect the gate from the most unpleasant shock for him.
• Controlling emotions - the first time in the series, players will be able to personally take part in the celebration of a goal. After a successful attack the opponent's goal will be to arrange an opportunity to appear or perform traditional jubilation by pressing the individual movements.
• The new "Master League" - a popular mode is fully modernized and will allow players to immerse your head in the world of football management. Absolutely everything - from the colorful menu to the new system of transfer of players - was changed and modified. PES 2016 will introduce a completely new regime "Master League".
• New visual effects - we have introduced many advanced innovations and significantly improved effects with huge graphics capabilities of the new generation engine Fox Engine. Notice how the scatter of raindrops at the tackle or fly into the air blades of grass, when you punch the ball into the top corner. New lighting effects and incredibly realistic grass in the field - these are just some of the many innovations.
• Dynamic weather effects - the first in a series PES presents the dynamic change of weather conditions. Now, at any point in the game may begin to rain. Coupled with more realistic physics of the ball is significantly alters the course of the game, because in the rain gear speed increases, and the players becomes much more difficult to take the ball, defender addition when leaving alone could slip and fall. Changing weather becomes an important factor in the outcome of the match, and is active in all the offline modes, including "Master League".
• Movement of players - trying to make the movement more realistic, we have included in the game 3 new types of animation. Added many options for hitting the ball the goalkeeper and field players depending on the situation differently kick, making the transfer, are the ball and evade opponents.Footballers are outraged when the referee counts offense and resent, if they were open for a pass and got the ball. With the addition of a new animation to enrich and control scheme in the game one by one: now players in the struggle for the ball movement, and used deceptive tricks, causing the opponent to lose his balance.
• The new physics of the ball - over the past few years in the games in the series have been a lot of changes, and in PES 2016 realistic behavior of the ball has reached incredible heights. Every movement, rotation and bounce game are calculated honestly - every transfer and every shot on goal truly unique.
• myClub - since the debut in PES 2015 mode myClub regularly updated every week, and in PES 2016 it will be even better, because it modernized in accordance with the wishes of the fans of the game. Among the improvements - a new system of levels of players as well as players, exclusively represented only myClub. Use points earned in matches or coins myClub, to manage the club and improve the characteristics of their players. Choose manager assign trainers and develop strategies to achieve goals. Gather the best team and make her a legend!
• The mobile wide-angle camera - the new position of the camera provides enhanced viewing angles, allowing you to better plan the game, follow the ball more accurately plan the run and moving players under the direction of artificial intelligence. The camera changes the tilt, zoom in and out depending on the position of the ball on the field, to ensure optimum visibility during the match.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 (PC) MULTi16

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 (PC) MULTi16

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 (PC) MULTi16

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 (PC) MULTi16

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 (PC) MULTi16


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