FIFA 16 (XBOX360)

REL Date: 18.09.2015
Platform: XBOX360
Game Type: Sports
Region: NTSC / U
Release Type: Full DVD
Image Format: ISO (XGD3)
Languages: English
FW: iXtreme LT + v3.0
DL File Size: 8.10 GB

FIFA 16 - this innovation around. Immerse yourself in a balanced, realistic and exciting game. Play your own style and compete at a new level. You will receive a self-defense, take control of the center of the field and be able to create even more fantastic moments. FIFA 16 - Play nice!

The competition at a higher level 
Regardless of skill level, every football fan will have the opportunity to compete at a higher level through the game features stunning Coach EA SPORTS FIFA, in which the player receives advice based on an analysis of the current situation in the field. Now fans will be able to learn by playing, with additional graphical indicator on the screen suggests that it is better to do in the current situation at the moment of the game, depending on the position of the players on the field and level of skill. As the level of training increases, and player skill, and can be set as automatic hints, and manually operated. Basic commands help beginners and more advanced tips will increase the level of the more experienced fans.

Play a new 
The game FIFA 16 for the first time in the history represented by 12 women's national teams. Teams from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Sweden and the United States, representing the respective football federations in several modes FIFA 16 - Quick Match, live tournaments, as well as friendly matches online.

Confident protection 
Balanced characteristics attackers and defenders increase the realism of the struggle for the ball. Mobility balancing technique defenders move defenders and attackers, bringing more than 25 new features in the physical model of the movement to protect the players. Command protection allows players to act to protect their positions more consistently and thoughtfully, covering dangerous areas and guarding a player of the opposing team. New base feint - a variety of tackle, deceptive motion and cover the body as well as the ability to get out of the tackle, if a player is outside of its position.

Monitoring the situation in the center of the field 
Two key new features make the fight for the ball in the middle of the field is as important as in real football. Smart interception allows players to close the channels of transmission and reduce the room for maneuver opponents. Directional transmission - a new method ensures that sudden, short and highly directional transmission of the ball to his teammates.

Magic Moments 
In FIFA 16, the fans will have every opportunity to create great scoring chances. Dribbling without touching the ball rolling allows to gain time, to perform a tricky reception and bypass the defense in the final third of the field. This feature was introduced to the game through motion capture Lionel Messi, and it is very much changes the behavior of the players in the attack. The final blow - this feature is the variety of ways of strikes on goal and allows incredible score goals.

What is FIFA Ultimate Team? 
EA SPORTS FIFA 16 Ultimate Team - this vast online community of football fans, who gather in their clubs best players in the world, run these clubs and compete with others in FIFA 16. Join more than 15 million of the same enthusiastic football fans just like you, and gather in the club of the best players in the world, earning, buying, selling and exchanging players in the community Ultimate Team. Play with the team of your dreams, expose it in matches against teams of their friends. Gather a few compositions for participation in online competitions or individual single-player tournaments which are dynamically updated each week.

FIFA 16 (XBOX360)

FIFA 16 (XBOX360)

FIFA 16 (XBOX360)

FIFA 16 (XBOX360)

FIFA 16 (XBOX360)

FIFA 16 (XBOX360)

FIFA 16 (XBOX360)


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